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This article is about the fursuiter residing in Maine, USA. For similarly-named articles, see Silvermane.

Silvermane (born March 3, 1977),[1] is a fursuiter and freelance artist who lives in Westbrook, Maine, USA, with his mate Runtt. Silvermane's drawings revolve around a combination of werewolves and Native American themes. Silvermane's character is a brownish timber wolf with a silver patch of fur along his neck and back.

Silvermane has attended FurFright since the beginning days of the con, 2003, and worked as the handler for the Book of the Dead, 2004 to present, and decorations for the convention's lobbies 2005. He currently works as the director of the Headless Lounge, or fursuit lounge, for the con.

Silvermane has also attended MFM in 2007 and 2008.

Silvermane is a fan of bad movies and sometimes reviews them in his LiveJournal and also loves werewolf fiction and a big fan of the British series Doctor Who.


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