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SilverCherry, also known as Sweetnightmare and Silver Frost (real name Jen; Born September 20 in Horseshoe Bend, Idaho, USA),[1] is a female fursuit maker who lives in Boise, Idaho, USA.[2]


Silver Cherry's fursona is a silver bobcat named Silver Frost. Her alt fursona is a female coyote named Trapper.


In September 2013 oceandezignz stated in a post to Artists Beware:

Sweetnightmare/KillMyTV (FA)/Silver Cherry (IB) is currently under investigation by Furaffinity Administrator Bazeel for not finishing commissions in a timely manner for years, failure to maintain a proper queue, as well as failure to properly keep her customers in the loop via WIP images."[3]

On September 19, 2013 Bazeel stated in a comment:

Please be aware that these accounts were not suspended due having too many commissions in queue, it was suspended for the following reasons:

1)Non-communication to commissioners
2)Non-completion of commissions in 1.5+ years, while continuing to take more.
3)Mismanaged queue / inability to remember people you owe
4)Essentially owing ~$6,000 or thereabouts in work to 40+ people.[4]


On September 21, 2013 SilverCherry posted to Inkbunny:

This is SN from fa, your suit maker.

Due to recent circumstances I have been banned from my furry art site due to taking too many commissions. I apologize deeply to my customers and I do hope we can work together to come to a peaceful resolution. I can offer refunds starting in November so I have time to get a job, or your suit. I may not be able to meet any immediate deadlines but if you want your suit, I will still do it.[5]


On September 21, 2013 SilverCherry posted to Inkbunny

So, after much deliberation and thinking, I have decided to refund everyone. Not do suits, refunds. The reason being, is first off I need a job. I can get a job faster if I am not working on suits. People deserve their money, and I hope people can forgive me for not going fast on suits, and missing deadlines.[6]


SilverCherry rescued a Persian cat, naming him EinsteinTheCat, and created a Fur Affinity account for him.


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