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Status Ongoing
First iteration September 20-22, 2014
Organizer(s) SillyCon Organizing Committee Team
Subject Furry
Resources Photos, videos, reports: SillyCon resources
SillyCon (edit)
SillyCon 2014
SillyCon 2015
SillyCon 2016
SillyCon 2017
SillyCon 2018
SillyCon 2019
SillyCon 2020

SillyCon staff
SillyCon guests of honor
SillyCon 2017 mascot (Koul Fardreamer)

SillyCon (Russian: ТупиКон; literally you-be-foolish/stupid con) is a furry convention founded in 2014 as a summer getaway, and hosted since at least 2016 at the "Aleksino-Istra" resort complex in Aleksino, north-east of Istra, Moscow Oblast, Russia. It is universally treated as a relaxacon.

SillyCon is chaired by Taffka and Llanowar (Llanowar Egnerion). The dates of the con usually commemorate with Llanowar's birthday.

Cost and registration process[edit]

The admission price was 9000 Russian roubles in 2021 (about 115 USD). SillyCon is treated as "semi-closed" convention, with attendees expected to provide an "invite code" either from a friend our found within SillyCon's information channels and to be approved by convention's organizers.

Since SillyCon provides alcoholic beverages, only attendees of legal drinking age in Russia (18 years old) are able to register. Minors are available to join with special permission from organizers and under constant caretaker's supervision.

Until 2021, per request and for additional price regular attendees could arrive at Aleksino-Istra a day earlier and rent one of the living buildings. No catering by organizers was provided for that night.


Sillycon uses most of the Alexino-Istra complex available for rent, spanning across 6 buildings. One main building and 4 living buildings have different nicknames to commemorate theming. The largest 3-story building with a dancefloor on the 3rd floor have been nicknamed Bermudas since 2019, citing its' remote location in regard to other buildings.

SillyCon is treated as an "all-inclusive" convention, catering for every possible need of attendees, such as:

  • food catering (provided since 2020),
  • beverages, including alcoholic,
  • transportation from the nearby railway station to the convention and back (not provided since 2021),
  • two saunas (one located within the main building and one near Bermudas) at selected times,
  • FM radio station providing easy-to-listen music and announcements (since 2021).


Typical events at SillyCon include:

  • dancefloor available through the nights,
  • artists' corner,
  • art auction and fundraising,
  • "Queue for Shawarma" - through the Saturday afternoon shawarmas are cooked for attendees at a slow pace, creating a queue,
  • NERF blaster "shoot-outs".

Attendees are free to suggest their own events to organizers and/or create room parties. Some of 4 living buildings are treated as "quiet", preventing any loud activities within. Attendees are asked to keep outside noise to a minimum at night-time, especially at Bermudas since the buildings are placed next to a village.


  • 2017: Laughing Sawmill
  • 2018: Cosmic Stupidity
  • 2019: Pirates of the Bermuda Triangle
  • 2020: Mythbastards
  • 2021: Doomsday Clock
  • 2022: TRUEpiCon

Attendance & Fursuiters[edit]

Convention year Attendance Percentage change Fursuiters Percentage change
SillyCon 2014 40 -  ? -
SillyCon 2015 36 -10%  ? -
SillyCon 2016 64 77.78%  ? -
SillyCon 2017 76 18.75%  ? -
SillyCon 2018 127 67.11%  ? -
SillyCon 2019 153 20.47%  ? -
SillyCon 2020 143 -6.99%  ? -


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