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Silentwulf's Fursona

Eric Ogden, better known as Silentwulf or Wulf Tenk, is a wolf/malamute furry. He has become a filmmaker with an "off-the-wall" and "random" style that has previously been featured on YouTube and Albino Blacksheep. Aside from working with videos, he has written music, as well as having been an artist and technology buff. Silentwulf is a certified IT technician. He operates his own website,, along with that he and other administrators manage a populated forum. Silentwulf has been creeping his way along within the fandom, yet has attended conventions and furmeets.


[edit] Videos

Silentwulf in person.

Silentwulf is best known for his "off-the-wall" humor. He started his website back in 2005, and has continued to produce content through 2012. He focuses on variety projects, often featuring various minor skits or jokes. Recently, he has started to dedicate his efforts towards two primary series', "20 Things You Should Never Say", and "Silentwulf Thrift". His new focus on dedicated shows is due to continueing difficulty creating new "skit-based films".

In 2012, he released the long-awaited, Funny Faces 7 to critical acclaim. It's unknown whether the series will continue.

His videos sometimes gain controversy, due to their aim on dark humor and satire. Reception on his "20 Things You Should Never Say" series has been generally positive, despite satire aimed at furries, bronies, and gamers.

[edit] Silentwulf Thrift

A titlecard from Silentwulf Thrift

Silentwulf revealed a new series in production on March 30th, 2011, called Silentwulf Thrift. The series will focus on the overview of aging technology, games, media, and art. It is to be a comedic series with an educational slant. The first episode premiered on blip.TV on October 5th, 2011. The series is set to continue in the Fall of 2012.

[edit] Silentwulf Forum

A new forum member, getting a warm welcome, as demonstrated by Alexander Grey.

During the early stages of the site, Silentwulf created a online board, in order to allow fans to interact. While the board is focused towards the site and it's videos, the majority of threads are created in the various boards relating to media, blogging, technology, and content submission. The original board was hosted on a separate server from the main site. Administrators Silentwulf and Xcxeon, were faced with several security and control issues because of this. Silentwulf was able to obtain a broken copy of the forums database, and worked closely with Xeon in bringing the board to the site's main server. A common trend to the board, is the birth of new furries, due to the influence of the site's admins, and other furries. The forum is home to over 1,000 members, and over 150,000 articles.

[edit] As A furry

While the majority of his films don't focus on furries, his name is becoming more well known with the fandom. His site's forum, has encouraged many young fans to inquire about what a furry actually is. Recently however, he has been attending conventions and furmeets alike. Silentwulf (Wulf Tenk) is a Wolf/Malamute hybrid (Wolf-dog).

Silentwulf has attended ConFuzzled '08, AnthroCon '08, AnthroCon '09, AnthroCon '10, AnthroCon '11, Anthrocon '12, MidWest FurFest 09, and Furry Weekend Atlanta '12 .

He will be attending MidWest FurFest in 2012.

[edit] YouTube Furry War

Silentwulf gained a key name in the fandom, when he created a video blog (entitled "I Like Furries" in response to a hate video titled "I Hate Furries"), stating the myths and facts about being a furry. While the film gained much praise from fellow furries, it led to a invasion led by anonymous while he was moving to his new home. Silentwulf's MySpace, e-mail and YouTube accounts were hacked and vandalized. This was one of the larger attacks during the YouTube Furry War. His site and forum however, remained safe due to the fellow admins. The situation was resolved behind the scenes and Silentwulf soon regained access to his MySpace and e-mail accounts upon his return. His old YouTube account still remains damaged with all content deleted and, as a result, Silentwulf was forced to create a new account from scratch. While a lot of users and fans expressed rage towards the attack, Silentwulf was shown keeping a calm approach to the attack, not wishing to drag the situation out any further, yet he sometimes jokes about the event.

[edit] Hiatus

Silentwulf went on a long-term hiatus near the end of 2009. He stated that it was due to a constant rush of having to come up with new material, combined with his personal life. The hiatus went unannounced, and left people with the impression that Silentwulf was finished with film-making. He later announced several new films in the process of 2010/2011, along with redesigning the website.

New films started to appear on December 26th, 2010.

[edit] Select Filmography

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[edit] Fan Videos

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