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Silent Sillies
Silent Sillies Cast.jpeg
Author(s) Anthony Hunter
Update schedule Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays
Launch date Feburary 26, 2012
Genre Fantasy, Action and Humor
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Silent Sillies is a webcomic set in a silent black and white cartoon. The comic consists of anthropomorphic funny animals similar to Felix the Cat and Mickey Mouse.

Plots and themes[edit]

Silent Sillies started out as a 6 panel Sunday comic strip from 2012 to 2016. In 2014 the characters were featured in a Funny Fantasy story line that was inspired by The Hobbit.

In 2015, a bonus 3 panel color, talking comic was created called Silent Sillies Speaks that lasted for 1 year. Then in 2016 a second bonus comic called Mavericks and Mummies that consisted of 56 strips.

Starting in 2017 a new storyline started called The New Nimbus Adventures which are updated on Thursday and Sundays, and also a bonus 1 panel comic strip called Silent Sillies Thoughts is updated on Tuesday. The New Nimbus story was inspired by classic adventure stories like Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Game adaptation[edit]

To promote the 2017 storyline, a video game adaptation of the comic was released on[1]

Main characters[edit]

Sidney Squirrel
  • Sidney Squirrel is a fun loving, adventure seeking, friendly squirrel. link
  • Sally Skunk is Sidney's girlfriend, skunk and adventure seeking pilot. link
  • Tom Turtle is a timid, smart turtle and best friend to Sidney. link
  • Wally Wolf is a typical sneaky wolf usually looking for food or a female character. link
  • Barbara Bunny is clean freak rabbit and best friend to Sally. link
  • Desiree Dog is a singing dog that gathers the attention of Wally and Sidney frequently. Inspired by Betty Boop. link

Additional Characters[edit]

  • Fred the Fly - an annoying fly. link
  • Allen Alien - A crashed alien. link
  • Cassie Cow - Sidney's noble steed. link
  • Flora Fish - Sally's pet fish. (featured in the speaking comic mostly.) link
  • Dante Dragon - a dragon featured in some Funny Fantasy comics & the New Nimbus comics/game. link
  • Sam Spider - A cave spider that creates havoc for the gang. link
  • Winsor Woodpecker - a companion to Wally Wolf. link
  • Chester Cat - A kitten Sidney befriends. link
  • Christina Cat - Chester's Mom. link
  • Chad Cat - Chester's Brother. link
  • Charlie Cat - Chester's Brother. link
  • Helen Hawk - a nemesis for Desiree, Sally and Barabra. link
  • Flynn Fox - Mostly a background character. link
  • Miguel Mule - Mostly a background character. link

nimbus characters

  • Butterfly Fairy Princess - A butterfly in new nimbus that give Sidney, Sally and Tom magical gifts. link
  • Storm Clouds - Rain, Wind and Lightning clouds. link
  • Fluffy - A friendly cloud found in New Nimbus. link



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