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Silent Ravyn's fursona
Silent Ravyn's fursuit

Silent Ravyn (also known as Ravyn Nikita Foxwolf; born November 24th, 1988)[1] is a female furry artist and fursuit-maker from Alberta, Canada.

She was the Guest of Honour at Fur-Eh! 2012.


Ravyn's fursona, created in 2003, is a white folf (or arctic foxwolf),[2] the hybrid between an arctic fox and a timber wolf. She has light brown paws, ears, and tail, and heart-shaped pink pawpads. Her eyes are mismatched (the left is blue and the right is green) and there is a characteristic brown spot by the corner of each eye.


Ravyn creates both cartoony and realistic art in various media, depicting both non-anthro and anthropomorphic characters. Her fursuits are made under the name "AutumnSnow Productions".[3] The most ambitious project she has taken on was a commission for Darktiger77, and one of the fursuits she has made is of her own fursona.

Ravyn has also illustrated some furry publications, including Blaze by Steve Alford, Allasso Volume 2, and AnthropoMORPHINE issue 14.[4][5]

Ravyn does art designs for Guilty Fox Apparel.


Ravyn has attended Anthrocon annually since 2007, and has recently begun attending other conventions such as Further Confusion and Fur-Eh!. She generally has a table in the Dealer's Den and often displays original works in the Art Show as well.


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