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Zidonuke, also known as Zidonuke Ghost, Zidonuke Marshdevil[1] and Starrykitten, previously as Sidonuke and Zephyr Nayl on Second Life,[2] is a American furry fan and computer programmer.

As a programmer, Zidonuke has contributes programming and security consulting to several online projects such as Chucklefish Ltd's Starbound,[3] Second Life,[2] Pokémon World Online,[4] and TShock's Terraria.[5]


Zidonuke's fursona is a rabbit.[6]


Zidonuke has a history of conflicting hacking exploits that has garnered him some problems and distrust with projects and people he has worked with,[7][8][9] such as Pokémon World Online[4][10][11] and Second Life, were he was banned by Linden Labs after reporting and exploiting various security issues with Vivox,[citation needed] a voice service in use by Second Life.


Zidonuke was a coder and administrator on F-List, but was banned in February 2011 after spying on users through the use of a TCP dumper.[12] Once discovered, he gave all users administrator access, removed bans, and published the site's code online. F-List Administration spent 5 days restoring the site entirely from backups.[13][14]

Fur Affinity[edit]

Main article: History of Fur Affinity#Staffing issues

On November 13, 2014, Fur Affinity announced that a new user named Starrykitten would be "joining the Dev/Ops team".[15] Starrykitten, listed as "Tech Team Lead" on the staff page, began talking candidly about site issues, and linked to a new developer operations tracker. The obvious use of a sockpuppet account led to suspicions, and Starrykitten admitted under pressure to being Zidonuke a few days later,[16] saying that (site owner) "Dragoneer was my next door neighbor and is my co-worker", and that he had been a "hidden admin on the FA staff" for the previous year.[17] The revelation proved hugely controversial, and he subsequently resigned.[18]


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