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Side 7 Logo (v4.0)
Logo as of 2005

Side 7 is a privately run and maintained online artist community and art gallery. The organisation is run by three primary admins who split the responsibilities of operating the site with the goal of helping to further the global artistic community. The organisation works to make available resources for both new and veteran artists alike, at little or no cost to the artist.

  • Address: (Note: Currently down due to maintenance involving a site outage.)
  • Founder: Bad Karma (Jason Lamey)
  • Motto: The Artist's Archive
  • Operational dates: 1992 - present

Side 7's stated mission is to provide aspiring novice artists, as well as experienced veteran artists, a haven in which to learn and improve their skills. Designed as an artist community, as opposed to only an art archive, Side 7 attempts to create an inviting atmosphere where artists from all walks of life could gain insight into the world of art, obtain knowledge and experience through tutorials, critiques and help from more advanced artists, and establish friendships and earn respect from other people around the world who share their love of artwork. To this end, Side 7 attempts to keep a friendly environment, both online and offline, where all can feel welcome. Side 7 originally began as a BBS forum, however in late 1997 and/or early 1998, it was repurposed into an Art Archive/Gallery.

A number of artists on Side 7 are/were furry, although the site is not exclusive to that genre.

Side 7's staffers currently consist of:

with some special help from:

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