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Shoryu Erise (previously known as PixelatedCollie. Also known as MLGamer185, TheFunnySonicFan and ShoryuCharizard; born May 18, 1994) is a furry from Wiltshire, England.

His fursona started off as a brown wolf called Brio, went to a border collie, named Ash and a Charizard. Currently, his fursona is a pink rabbit.

Shoryu has Asperger's Syndrome, is openly bisexual and joined the furry fandom in May 2010. He is currently in a relationship with SpAM CAN.

Shoryu is known as Marcus Lywood offline.


Marcus's original common user name was "TheFunnySonicFan", due to it 'summing himself up' as a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog with humour. He later went by MLGamer185, as a way of summing himself up better, with the 'ML' being his initials, 'Gamer' being what he is, and '185' being his birthday in the UK date format (day, then month). After his fursona change to a border collie, he changed his online alias to PixelatedCollie. Now, he is known as ShoryuCharizard, or Shoryu Erise.

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