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Short WhiteEye

Short WhiteEye is a character in Extinctioners

Micro's third oldest brother (By 10 minutes), Short met a horrid untimely death at the claws of a feral humanimal cat during a mission training session.

  • Height: 4 ft. 3 in.
  • Weight: 80 pounds
  • Coloration: mostly grey with white under fur (genitals to lower jaw). black tips on ears.
  • Scars: discoloration of both paw to elbow (electrical burns).
  • Psybernetics: Highly advanced electro-magnetic field control through
forearms and forepaws. 14 magnitude control range with full feedback
capabilities. Can sense microwatt emissions in proper setting.
Able to create a 50 megawatt plasma burst through internal power systems
(discharge at that levels above 1 megawatt may cause termination of subject due to feedback overloads). Cerebral enhancements for memory and data collection.
Built-in telemetry. Full life support monitoring and control.
  • Hybrid ability: Size alteration.
  • Training: Advanced sabotage. Basic hand to hand combat. Advanced power systems control.
  • Status: Known terminated at training facility 6-C. Remains are missing.

Short is one of four brothers which also includes Micro, Flash and Slash, together, they are often referred to as The Tech Mice Brothers

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