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Shmorky, full Shmorky Kay, formerly known as Dave Bunny (neé Dave Kelly; born in 1980 in Vineland, New Jersey, USA),[1] is an artist, webcartoonist, Flash animator, and cinematographer who lives in the United States.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Shmorky asserts that they[2] are not a furry, and they have identified years ago as being a goon for working for Something Awful (a site critical of the furry fandom), by producing flash animations for them (The Flash Tub updates).


Shmorky's the creator of several webcomics, including Living in Greytown, Lizard, Smut!, and Purple Pussy. They claim their pen name is inspired by a real-life American animator from the 1950s with a similar name;[3] although no such animator has been proven to have existed.


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