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Shirik Draguinea is a Welsh furry artist who lives in the United Kingdom.

She has been actively involved in the fandom since 1998: attending furmeets, role-playing and submitting artwork to several galleries. During this time she has been known under a few different aliases including LadyNaoko and Shikky and has had a few fursona changes over the years. However, she has been drawing furry art for many years before this: the first two characters she can recall are Tiffany, a fox girl character from the Sonic universe and Blade, a wolf character from the Mortal Kombat universe. She still owns sketchpads dating back to 1994 with furry artwork in them.

Shirik enjoys to travel and one day hopes to be able to visit Japan, America and hopefully Africa. Currently despite many hours of traveling around her home country, she has only left the UK twice in her lifetime in order to go to Eurofurence 13 and Eurofurence 14.

She is an avid animal lover and has always had pets of some sort, ranging from aquatics to felines. Currently she shares her home with a pair of female guinea pigs but has several other pets which are currently located at her parents home including a second pair of female guinea pigs, two cats and two large aquatic setups. Shirik is a fan of manga, anime and cosplay. She owns a large collection of DVDs and paraphernalia for several series.


Shirik relaxes with some guinea pigs. Artwork by Xainy.

Her fursona is a grey and tan Dragon/Guinea Pig-mix known as a Draguinea. Originally the character was a standard guinea pig by the name of "Shikky" but after a few years, Shirik decided to add the dragon element to the character and create a new character from the hybridization. As Shikky was the original base for Shirik, she often says she was "hiding out" as a guinea pig before coming out of the closet and revealing herself as a hybrid character.

Originally, Shirik was always drawn as a non anthro character until one day the artist herself decided to draw an anthro version of her. She still gets drawn as a non anthro character from time to time but as most know Shirik as an anthropomorphic character that is the form she is primarily seen as in role-play sessions as well as artwork.

Conventions and furmeets[edit]

One of Shirik's conbadges, Artwork by ValentineCrow

At conventions she wears a partial fursuit built by B3 Productions. She has been to a few different furry conventions in Europe and the UK and intends to attend more conventions in the future.

Conventions attended so far (in order):

Shirik can sometimes be found as a dealer at conventions, particularly at UK conventions such as Confuzzled and RBW. She also occasionally will have artwork for sale in larger conventions, most notably Eurofurence.

Shirik used to be a regular attender of Welsh furmeets and from June 2006 - October 2007 was the head organiser of the Wales meets until she moved to England in late 2007. Instead she can now be found in various South West England meets (particularly in Exeter, Plymouth and Bristol) and can be identified by one of her many conbadges and the collar she is known for wearing.


Shirik's fursuit

Shirik has always been interested in fursuiting since she found the fandom and as such owns a few suits of her own, her most well known being the partial fursuit of her fursona which was made by Joecifur at B3 Productions in 2007. She also owns another partial fursuit, a brown and white Tauren Shaman character by the name of Cafell which was pre-made by Niiku and purchased in 2008.

Retired and Sold Fursuits[edit]

Shirik has owned other fursuits in the past which have since been retired. These suits are:

  • An un-named inverted tiger, made by Growly. This suit was being fixed up as it had suffered damage but has since been retired.
  • A white wolf by the name of L based on the manga character from Death Note which was made by Roleplaywulf in 2007.

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