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Shippou Softpaw.

Shippou Softpaw is a fursuiter who lives in Georgia in the United States. He is the mate of Kaiya Softpaw and a member of the AirForce.

Shippou's fursona is a two-tailed kitsune. His fursuit was constructed by Don't Hug Cacti.[1]

Shippou enjoys many games, such as Diablo, Portal, Age of Empires, and Halo. He also enjoys non-computer games such as chess. He is a great competitor and would never decline any challenge.

Shippou is a somewhat shy individual. When he not found playing games, he can usually be found with his mate or other close friends.

[edit] Conventions

Conventions that Shippou has been to include (but are not limited to) Oklacon 2007 and Furry Weekend Atlanta 2008.

[edit] References

  1. Shippou Twotails fursuit, on Bloody-Kryptonite/Lucky Coyote's deviantART gallery. Retrieved April 24, 2008

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