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Shinopa at BLFC 2015

Shinopa Thyme (born April 8)[1] is a fursuiter who lives in the United States.[1] She is a writer in genres such as horror, fantasy, and sci-fi.

Shinopa has had an interest in anthropomorphic animals all her life, and joined the furry fandom in 2012. She has been active in the community since 2014, and since then has attended over 20 conventions.


Shinopa is a pink longma, specifically a Marwari horse-dragon hybrid. She has pink fur adorned with spots, and upon her back are a pair of yellow wings. Behind a green shimmering orb on her forehead are a pair of yellow antlers.

She also owns 8 other fursuits, including 7 fullsuits and a partial.

Boomer the Kangaroo, from That's Furred Up,

Ink the Dutch Angel Dragon, from Beastcub,

Sundi the Manokit, from Sunny Valley Creations,

Jesse the Nyala, from Beast Horizons,

Seafoam the Seadragon, made by herself,

Lewis the Kaiju, made by herself,

Mundoo the boar hybrid, made by herself and Beastcub, who made the head


Shinopa is looking to start work in making premades, as well as experiment with new techniques.


A subset of the conventions which Shinopa has attended is as follows:


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