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Sheriff Hayseed is a series of animated shorts created by Piemations, which follows the adventures of the eponymous Sheriff Hayseed and his deputy Shawn as they defend the town of Troughwater—a frontier town largely populated by ungulates—from criminals.

As of January 2022, two episodes of Sheriff Hayseed have been released, with a third currently in production. The first two episodes were written, storyboarded and animated by Piemations alone, whilst future episodes have a team of animators working on them.[1] on December 3rd, 2023 in an update video on Piemation's channel he confirmed, as a result of both longstanding and recovering wrist pain, and just overall dissatisfaction with a multitude of creative decisions related to the series, all future animated projects for Sheriff Hayseed would be canceled, with what's been finished thus far being uploaded in the following days.[2]Video


Sheriff Todd Hayseed
A fox who is the enthusiastic but woefully under-qualified sheriff of Troughwater, having been hired despite taking creative liberties with his resumé. Todd utilises a boomerang when attempting to fight or capture criminals, which is usually ineffective. Voiced by Michael "Eloediel" Nocturnel.
Deputy Shawn Burrowitz
A donkey and deputy sheriff of Troughwater. He was the acting sheriff prior to Todd being hired and is generally much more competent at his job, but was passed over for the role due to his inability to hold a gun. Voiced by Blake "ShadyVox" Swift.
Mayor Josanne "Joy" Hackney
A horse, the stern mayor of Troughwater and Todd and Shawn's boss. She is a skilled fighter and a veteran of an unnamed war. Voiced by Anna Chloe Moorey.
Lloyd Herdwick
A sheep who works as Mayor Joy's assistant. Voiced by Blake "ShadyVox" Swift.
A naked mole-rat who makes heavy use of dynamite when committing crimes. Voiced by Damien Lee.
The Snake Boys
A criminal gang of snakes. Voiced by Blake "ShadyVox" Swift.
Hick Huckman
A horse and citizen of Troughwater who is frequently injured during Todd and Shawn's adventures. Voiced by Robin "Xycron" Nelson.


Episode no. Title Original release date
1 "Strategically Stupid!" August 19, 2017
Shawn tries to teach Todd the value of strategy by playing chess, whilst Todd claims he doesn't need it because he's "the best shot in the west" with his boomerang. When the town bank is robbed by the Snake Boys and one of them simply catches the boomerang, Todd is forced to come up with a new way of defeating them.

The short was created by Piemations as a proof of concept for the idea and to gauge interest in future episodes.

2 "Boomerang in a Gun Fight!" December 21, 2019
Boomstick is robbing the Troughwater Bank. Todd, the recently hired town sheriff armed with his trusty boomerang, and deputy Shawn, armed with a large rock, fail to stop him escaping. Afterwards, a furious Mayor Joy chastises their failure to have prevented any crimes since they were hired, pointing out Todd's reluctance to use firearms (and Shawn's inability, given he has hooves) is detrimental to their job. Todd reveals he lacks any sort of physical training and that his previous role as "defender of the Whatchamacallum fortune" actually refers to him helping his old retail store manager avoid paying taxes. Joy assigns her assistant, Lloyd, to train them using the fighting techniques she learned during the war. Following a short training montage, Todd, Shawn and Lloyd are drinking at the saloon when a masked figure with blades attached to his arms—the Scarecrow—enters and attacks them. They eventually defeat the Scarecrow after an extensive fight, unmasking him to reveal that it was Mayor Joy in disguise, testing to see whether the training worked. Suitably impressed with their progress, she allows them to keep their jobs.
3 "A Few Cards Short!"[1] TBA

Related videos[edit]

ShadyVox, who voices Shawn, is responsible for the music production and has released several videos where he performs music as the character.


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