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Sheba Wolf is a furry artist, fursuit maker, and fursuiter who lives in Kansas, United States. She is the owner and head artist of Stub-Tail Studios. She is president of Anthro Society of Kansas and co-owner of KansasFurs.

Sheba has been going by that name since she was nine years old. Her fursona is a wolf/Husky mix with black fur and blue eyes. She is known as the "stub-tail" because of her unusually short tail. Her tail is bushy like a regular wolf, but it is severed and only slightly curled.


  • Even though she didn't discover the fandom until she was 16 she had been into costuming since she could pick up scissors and paper. When she was around the ages of 7-8 she would make paper wolf masks to wear around her house. In October of 2008 Sheba decided that she was going to make a fursuit. She had been interested in fursuits since she discovered the fandom in 2006. Her first fursuit's head was created with cardboard. It may not have been the best but she had gotten many compliments and many people didn't believe it was made from cardboard. Her fursuit was worn for the first time on Halloween of 2008.
New fursuit
  • In February of 2011 Sheba commissioned a full body fursuit from Rupeemerchant on Furaffinity. The suit was retired as of April 2018.
  • In 2014 Sheba created a rabbit partial fursuit by the name of Fauxpaw for an Easter event at a local entertainment park. It has since been worn for a few Easter events for various places.
  • April of 2018 Sheba's mate Varaleo purchased a premade fursuit from Bird King Creations. She named the suit Sierra and decided that the species (which had just been listed as generic canine by the maker) was a corgi-fox hybrid. In 2020 she commissioned Bird King Creations to make a body and feet for the suit. It was finished and received in June of 2023.

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When Sheba was a young pup she had the longest tail of the pack. Then one day her home forest caught fire. While running away from the blaze, a large old tree gave out and fell. It just barely missed her body but caught her tail and pinned it to the ground, stopping her. She knew that she would perish if she did not get away, so she did the unthinkable and bit through her tail to escape. Her tail has since healed but it is very short compared to the average wolf.

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