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Sheath & Felix the Series[edit]

Focusing on the Anthropomorphic characters Sheath Solarin and Felix Adawnte, Sheath and Felix is a series of Anthropomorphic Science Fiction Novels with a romance driven plot. The story follows the two as they face the struggles of understanding their love for each other and combating a terrifying force threatening their universe. It is written for an 18+ audience, so the book has some homoerotic content in addition to its more traditional epic fantasy style. Written by: Christopher Weatherall (Ryuukiba)


The Plight of Ninetails pt 1 (Oct 2015) [1]

The Plight of Ninetails pt 2 (Release TBA) [2]

The Blue Planet pt 1&2 (TBA) [3]

The Void pt 1&2 (TBA) [4]


Based in the V.O.S.S Multiverse Sheath and Felix is an installment of a much larger world of interconnected stores planned to be released in the coming years. Some of these other books will also feature anthropomorphic characters.


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