She Could Fly

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She Could Fly is a comic book series (two volumes) published by Dark Horse Comics under the imprint of Berger Books. First volume was first published as 4-issue mini-series from July 11, 2018[1] to October 10, 2018.[2]

First volume includes a bit of furry content because main character (Luna Brewster) hallucinates that other characters (humans) have animal heads.

In softcover volume one (first edition 2019 March):

  1. page 27-28, 45-46 & 113-114, 117-118: hallucinates that her high school guidance counselor (Dana Church) has a black cat head (warning: bleeding after page 27) after counselor says she accidentally killed her cat.
  2. page 139: hallucinates that Dana has a mouse head after Dana tells her "you known what I found on pantry duty? ... A field mouse. ... I'm hiding him. I even built a little bed. Now I have another friend to take care of ... ... not just you."



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