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Shayla the Pink Mouse is a mature comic written and drawn by Shane Nelson. It features a pink female mouse (Shayla) with lots of attitude. It's exact start date is unknown, but it was around in 2004. It was canceled sometime in the third or fourth quarter of 2006.


This is only a partial list:



The primary character of the comic. Nicknamed Shay by her roommate. Shayla is a tomboy with a healthy libido and a free spirit. She's petite and rather flat, which is used for comedic effect on occasion (she's been taken for a guy). She has a sense of humour, is crass and direct and is persued by her boss, Trevor amongst others. She's openly a swinger though she doesn't advertise that fact.


Shayla's former roomate. While also a mouse, she is very flirtacious and sometimes even airheaded, doing things that make Shayla's temper break through the roof often. Their cohabitation ended in comic 44 when their apartment burned down. (Later revealed to be the result of Cindy's negligence.) Cindy is currently living with a pair of furs named Jack and Brian.


Shayla's brother. Where Shayla is pink, this character is teal. The color differences were described as the family's heritage being from the "Painted Desert" where there are so many colors all over the place that blending in meant being unusual colors as well by evolution. This also confirmed that the colors were not dyes.


A spotted cheetah most likely. Not really a primary character, but a recurring one who has a twin sister (of a solid dark color). She and her sister share the same house and also share Bealzabub.


An equine and the owner of a coffee shop that hides a porn studio in its basement. Shayla's current employer. Trevor is completely obsessed with Shayla and often offered suggestions in that regard. Trevor became Shayla's new room mate as of comic 50.

Story points[edit]

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Erotic sketch by Nelson in 2004.
Shayla from the old site's homepage in 2004.
  • Trevor gives Shayla a job in his coffee shop, but he also offers her fifty dollars for every time she sleeps with him. To this offer, Shayla makes a comment about a lawsuit ready to go, though she takes the job in the shop while refusing the secondary offer. Shayla later gets confused for a male by a friend she knew. This later ends with the friend getting his head stuck in a garbage disposal for delivering a very offensive insult about her in comparison to other women.
  • When Shayla discovers the studio through a forgetful comment about putting a box of supplies in the basement, Shayla gets a breakdown of the offer she was given before and ends up sharing it with Cindy. Though it was put as a joke, she mentions how the paycheck breakdown would itself come to five thousand dollars a month, a sum which makes Cindy act on impulse to sign up as an amateur porn star at the studio.
  • Shayla's brother comes down to visit with a motorcycle to drop off so she won't be late to work anymore. However, he arrived mainly to meet Yuriko in person and subsequently her twin sister when a lunch turns into a more personal meeting.
  • Shayla's apartment burns down, forcing her and Cindy to live with Trevor. It also results in the first time we see Shayla get seriously drunk enough to pass out after making a pass at Trevor and her defensive statement to his refusal that she was not drunk.
  • Bealzabub learns, much to his total shock, that both Yuriko and her twin sister are pregnant. This causes his parents to come down to give him a piece of their minds, or at least his mother intends to do that. The situation is somewhat diffused when he directs his mothers rage at his sister instead of himself through a clever mention of how her boss is also running a porn studio, a manuever his father states was a wise move and that he learned well.
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