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This article is about the otter furry, not to be confused with the similarly-named Labrador fursona of Aresues.

Shayde (born 1992) is a furry artist and writer who lives in Hesperia, California, United States.


Sha`yden, Shayde's primary fursona, shown in his tribal garb with Gurkha Kukhuri knife. Drawn by Shayde.


Shayde's fursona, Sha`yden, is a tribal-raised Marine Otter in his early twenties. His base-coat fur is an earthy dark brown or light burnt umber color, with black markings on his muzzle and throat. He has sand-colored, or light caramel, fur that extends from his muzzle, down his chest and stomach, to his groin. His hair is jet-black, either pulled back in a knot or allowed to be unkempt when not neatly combed. He is a heterochrome, his eyes being vibrant green and lighter sea-blue-green. His eyes are weakly bio-luminescent green, though it is unknown if this benefits or enhances his night vision in any way. The left side of his chest, and back below the shoulder blade, bares a scar, left from a bullet. Sha`yden was raised in a tribe of aboriginal otters in the south-western Pacific ocean from the age of five, after his father was killed during a home invasion by a serial killer. The death of his father prompted the government to step in, and separate the family to protect his mother and siblings. The young Sha`yden was sent to his mother's tribe of origin, and raised by a pair of otters that were unable to conceive children on their own. He is an excellent swimmer, experienced Capoeirista, and has a very weakly Australian-sounding accent. He has a six-year old daughter, and lives with his tribe, raising his daughter as a single-father away from technology, and where he can protect her.

Sha`yden is described as kind, and warm-hearted in personality, being very easy-going and laid back in most matters, although he can become serious very quickly. He is open with his emotion, quick to laugh, and unafraid to cry when he is upset, and is blunt to the extreme. Having been raised away from modern society, he has little understanding of tact and what is acceptable to state, so he will often speak what he believes to be the truth, regardless of if it offends others. While unnecessary in the social structure of his tribe, Sha`yde makes his own clothing, the sheer fabric being woven from the silk of the Nephila spider, which gives his garments their distinctive aurum hue.


Shayde's secondary fursona, and Anima Persona, is represented as Alcyone, an early-twenties red fox vixen with auburn/autumn-red fur on her limbs and dorsal areas, white ventrals, crotch, and throat, green eyes, and bright-red hair. The markings on her fur are typical of a red fox, with darker red to charcoal-colored 'socks' on her forearms, and longer, knee-length black 'stocking' markings on her lower legs, stopping just above the ankles of her feet. Alcyone is distinguished from his other vulpine characters by her more 'realistic' body type, unique markings(swirl patterns on her cheeks, shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees), and elaborate 'Valkyrie-cut' hairstyle(heavily inspired by, and made as a conglomerate of, the hairstyles of Sheila Vixen, and Zig Zag), so-named due to its close resemblance to an eagle's wings as it prepares to take flight. Alcyone is also easily distinguished from the rest of Shayde's female characters by her personality: Alcyone is independent, hyper, quick-thinking, straight-forward, charismatic, talkative, and flamboyantly hypersexual. She is extremely friendly towards others, and, though far from actually being a model of the persona, enjoys playing the 'ditz', or 'bimbo', because she considers it to be fun, and entertaining, believing that by embracing her stereotype, she makes it hard for people to insult her. That being said, she rarely takes offense to stereotypical slurs towards her, however, she has been known to get violent when referred to as a slut. She holds several higher-level degrees, of them her most proud being a Bachelor's in Psychology, a Master's degree in Engineering and Medicine, and a Doctoral degree in Physics. Currently, Alcyone works as the Vice-President of a civil Research and Development company, specializing in aerospace and engineering solutions, however she also heads the company's departments devoted to military Weapons and Body-Armor research. She also works part-time in a porn studio, and, as an exotic dancer at a nightclub, to 'mix up' her life.

Alcyone's hypersexuality stems from an inability to carry a child to full-term. While this does not mean she cannot get pregnant, which she frequently does during episodes of estrus, Alcyone is physically unable to carry a pregnancy to term, and, suffers miscarriages at varying stages. This causes a self-perpetuating cycle of postpartum depression in which she repeatedly becomes pregnant, under the belief that she just hasn't found the right combination of genes, at great risk to her health. While she refuses to accept she will never be able to have children of her own, she plans on undergoing a sterilization procedure to prevent herself from becoming pregnant in the future, but, will allow her to continue entering estrus regularly. After the procedure, she plans to adopt.

Alcyone's most striking, and prominent, feature separating her from the rest of Shayde's characters, is her breasts: she sports an impressive E- to F-cup breast size, the left bearing a Wiccan pentagram just below the nipple. Shayde admits that, in her initial design stages, Alcyone was not intended to have such large breasts, as he felt it would be plagiaristic towards Erik Schwartz's character. He had originally planned a more modest C-cup breast, however he accidentally drew her breasts too large, having misunderstood the proportions of breast-size in relation to body-type. Following the large influx of feedback, and in conjunction with his own laziness, and enjoyment of making the best of mistakes, he never bothered to correct the mistake, and continued drawing the character with large breasts. Since debuting the character in 2011, Shayde has taken to saying her breasts are "slightly larger than Sheila's"; an excuse that he uses on a personal level to avoid feeling ashamed at taking obvious inspiration from a well-known character.

Artwork and literature[edit]


Shayde is predominantly self-educated where art is concerned, and he creates all his artwork out of his home in California. The majority of it is in traditional media, where he specializes in working with pencils, pastel, and Aquarelle. He does very little work with wet media such as Oil or Acrylic paint, though he has been known to expand and produce works in such media, occasionally enjoying the more refined and technically demanding art form of Sumi-e Ink wash painting.

Much of the artwork Shayde posts onto the internet is done digitally. He rarely goes beyond doing elaborate sketches or rudimentary lineart, and often attributes this tendency to simply enjoying doing sketches more than coloring, and that he has difficulty producing full-colored images either digitally or traditionally.


Shayde's literature, similar to his artwork, is the result of mostly self-taught skills acquired through trial and error. He also examines the works of his favorite authors, such as Verne and Poe, for inspiration, as well as how best to effectively write in methods that reflect both his imagination and his reverence for those writers.

Shayde often contents himself by writing short stories of one-to-two chapters. He rarely writes anything longer, though he does hold himself to a two-thousand word-per-day minimum. He occasionally writes poetry where his influence by Poe is easily seen.

The genres of stories that Shayde is known to produce vary widely, covering romance, adventure, erotica, fantasy, the grotesque and macabre, and Lovecraftian horror. He submits his literature works exclusively to his account on SoFurry as a personal preference for the website's full-support for literary uploads. Shayde takes commissions, as well as requests, on occasion for both his artwork and his literature talents, though this is uncommon.

Artistic critique[edit]

Shayde prides himself on his ability to critique others. His method of critiquing is thorough, focusing on all aspects of the art in question from praising what would otherwise go unnoticed by other critics, to bluntly pointing out obvious, and less pronounced, flaws in the work while retaining a neutral stance and avoiding offense by inadvertently insulting the recipient's individual style.

When critiquing, his goal is to provide feedback which allows the recipient to ultimately enhance their artwork in their own eyes and encourage confidence.

Responses to criticism[edit]

When receiving criticism of his own work, Shayde prefers people to point out his flaws rather than praise him for what he succeeded in doing. Occasionally he will appear to look down on praise from others, and has been known to treat any and all criticism as constructive simply by virtue of a welcomed obstacle to overcome in his hobbies.

Shayde nearly always gives thanks for critiques on his artwork, and always enjoys getting a second opinion on what he does, which he will take into consideration in furthering his abilities. He attributes all of his current talent in both art and literature to his perseverance and the criticism by others, the latter he perceives as more important than emotional support of friends in regards to art.

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