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Shax with his clan leader, Jin.

Shax (also known as Daniel Scott Payne; born April 18,[1] 1991) is a furry who lives in Holland, Michigan, USA.


Shax's fursona is an incubus cabbit, of the Jin Cubi Clan. He is 128 years old, 4'9" tall, and weighs about 82 pounds. He is noticeably girlish in body type, with white fur and pastel purple markings. His eyes are pink in color and have a faint glow to them. Shax has wings on his back and on his head. They are a combination of angel and demon wings, a rare trait among the Cubi.

Shax can be rather shy, or timid. Despite being called cute so many times, he continues to deny that he is. He has love of books, and always carries one with him.


A long-time gamer, Shax started gaming at the age of two with the Nintendo Entertainment system. As of 2013, he can be seen playing on Steam, preferring the shooter/horror genre of games. He can alternatively be found on Second Life under the name Ziddy Rae, or on Furcadia under the name Shax.

Shax used to draw, but due to an injury while at work back in August of 2012, he appears to have stopped, but claims[citation needed] he is trying to get back into it.


Shax's first convention was Anthrocon 2011, where he caught con crud within the first day of the convention, though the sickness did not stop him enjoying it. Other conventions that were attended by Shax are:


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