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Shaun in his natural habitat.

Shaun Dreclin is a fursuiter who lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.[1] His fursona is a white wolf with blue hair and pink eyes. He wears a vest, and nothing else.[2]

He used to go by the name BlizzardWolf, and was a web-radio DJ under a similar name, DJ Blizzy.

On Furcadia, Shaun volunteers as a Beekin Helper.[3] He spends most of his time there Dreamweaving, and coding DragonSpeak.

His favorite pasttimes are playing World of Warcraft, running around in his fursuit, and generally being derpy.


Shaun attends two local conventions every year; Furnal Equinox and Condition: Furry.

He also made an appearance at Anthrocon 2011, but as of September 2012 has no plans to be there again, for financial reasons.


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