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Shardicus Prime (born May 15, 1992) is an American musician who lives in Semmes, Alabama. Another name he goes by is "Ky" or "Kai". His fursona is a red-haired squirrel, and is drawn to resemble him. He is currently attending the University of South Alabama as a Freshman, studying computer science and music.


Shard came into contact with the furry fandom while surfing the Internet when he was about 13. While he was in seventh grade, two of his friends introduced him to Brian Jacques' "Redwall" book series. He quickly became a fan of the books, and was at the same time spending more time on the Internet. He put the two together and discovered a chain of Redwall-based roleplaying groups. Somehow, one of his searches eventually led him to "furry."

One day while searching for an MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online roleplaying game) that included furry elements, he stumbled upon Furcadia. Shard had a dial-up connection to the Internet at the time (and still does), and noticed that the game would run relatively smoothly on a slow connection. He soon became addicted to the game, and still is, to some degree. He currently spends most of his time on the game in the FluFF Pit, which is an area of Naia Green.

Musical Style[edit]

Shard's style of lead guitar is heavily influenced by famous guitar virtuosos such as Steve Vai, Rusty Cooley, and John Petrucci. He is known locally for his technical ability and proficiency with his instrument, as well as his fretting hand's extreme stretches and four-finger-per-string playing style. His leads and solos usually contain a fair amount of alternate picking. Shard's philosophy regarding picking is that if it can be alternate-picked, that is how it should be done; he finds that that particular technique give the player the most control over the individual notes' dynamics.


Guitars and Amplifiers[edit]

Prime uses a white neck-through Schecter Hellraiser C-6 FR. He also plays a Dean Edge 10-A bass.

He plays both through a Peavey bass amp, but uses a distortion pedal for distorted sounds.

He uses a variety of VST instruments and effects in his music, as well as an Ibanez "Weeping Demon" wah when needed.

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