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Shane the Raccoon-Dog, (born December 16, 1986 in Canton, Illinois, U.S.A.) is a music cover artist who specializes in 8-bit music using the Konami VRC6 chip. He also sometimes draws visual art, but much more rarely.

He maintains having bisexual fursonas although he is gay.


Shane the Raccoon-Dog (Character)[edit]

Shane the Raccoon-Dog's current appearance.

Shane's original fursona is a Tanuki who has abilities that rivals that of Sonic the Hedgehog.

The idea of Shane the Raccoon-Dog was first thought of on October, 31, 2006 during an Halloween episode of Attack of the Show when a tanuki costume was displayed during their Around the Net segment. By around May, 2008 he created the first official design of Shane the Raccoon-Dog by editing a design created on a doll maker.

Shane's original appearance featured blue shoes, green cargo shorts, and a spiked collar with matching wristbands. His appearance has slowly changed over time to include "front hair spikes" and a pink fishnet top that was "given" to him as a joke.

Shane the Freestyler[edit]

Shane♪ and Luepow as drawn by Photo Freak7.

Shane's current fursona was originally known as "Shane," but is also known as 音のシェーン (Oto no Shane, Lit. "Shane of the Sound") and was created as a Klonoa fan character. However, because his name was constantly mistook as a reference to Naruto, he changed it to "Shane the Freestyler" after he discovered in the music video to the song Freestyler by Bombfunk MC's featured a time control element involving a MiniDisc player that Shane already planed for his character.

He is a Dream Traveler who originally hailed from the town of Melodania which is the musical hub for the world of Phantomile.

Shane can control the Sound Bullet with his ring and the help of Luepow, Shane's friend and one who summoned him to be the Second Traveler. Later into his adventures, he also gains the ability to use his ring under his own power as well as the ability to control time using his MP4TC, at which point he adopts the "Freestyler" name and takes a job at the Time Factory (from Blinx: The Time Sweeper) as the only non-feline employee in an attempt to use their resources to find his original home.

Shane's appearance shares similarities to Klonoa, his body is the same shape as well as his face, he has also been known to wear a green version of the infamous "zipper shirt." His ears are pointed somewhat like the scrapped redesign of Klonoa, his tail is at least twice the length of his body, and his fur colors match Shane the Raccoon-Dog.

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