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Shane_Frost is an Irish/German Abstract artist currently residing in San Ramon, California. His two fursonas appears to be a young human wearing a cow splotched suit with horns and secondarily a silhouette of a human wearing a white robe. He has a habit of producing three different art styles for his various works as well as general poetic rhymes to accompany them individually. Much confusion has been centered around his anthro based creations specifically which he refers to as "Nothingness" and whether or not they are anthropomorphic or fur by nature. He has also been known to use a single outdated flash movie maker program known as " Macromedia Flash 4 " to produce each work in his portfolio.


Over the period of six years Shane_Frost continued to reform and develop key fursona characters to distribute alongside his works not limited to a cartoonized green gecko, a rabbit, a silhouette of a middle aged man, a cat with a striped scarf and even a sea cow with a top hat. The sea cow however was mentioned to pay reference to his formal username known as Mrseacow and is the only character to do so. It is post humorous to note only two of the fursona profiles had personal names to accompany them and were commonly referred to by their species name beginning with a Ms. or Mr.

Mr. Cow[edit]

The current fursona for Shane_Frost. It appears to be a young human with dirty brown hair wearing a cow suit complete with horned hoodie. It was later revealed off reference that Mr. Cow in fact was not human and furthermore was genderless. Upon further mentioning Mr. Cow was revealed to be the first of a long series of species that would accompany his later year works known as " Nothingness "


Doc appears as the silhouette of a human being with various rolls of bandage wrapped around their form that cannot be covered by the pure white robe they wear. Although completely black Doc appears to have long golden blonde hair, the highlight of their body. Doc is also known to have glowing lime green eyes however no further explanation has lead to the reasoning why. Doc as well is not mentioned to hold a specific gender nor be a human but rather a sentient form of Nothingness. It has been further discussed Doc has shifted more than six forms in its own life yet each has had an interlude of more than three hundred years hinting Doc may in fact be eternal in some ways.

The Nothingness[edit]

Often accompanying more than a third of his works, the Nothingness are a species of beings known to take on a multitude of forms but are most often referenced as silhouettes of various colors. Little to no information has been provided about the Nothingness so far due to Shane_frost's often much more metaphorical/abstract interests. It however has been verified the Nothingness do in fact originate from a separate dimension in his words " Beyond our touch yet so close whenever we want it bad enough. " Nothingness are also known to shift and morph between forms variously suggesting less than seventeen nothingness may in fact make up the various nothingness featured so far in his portfolio. It is further supported by the various timelines proposed and suggested in a select few of his works also mentioning the theorized worlds are in fact not divided by dimension nor space but rather time itself.

Written Works and Literature[edit]

Often accompanying his every individual art pieces are poetic and abstract statements. They are known to vary from balanced and informative to morbid and antagonizing. Little is known behind the reasoning if any why they are used in coexistence with the works. Aside from these works however Shane_Frost has been known to write short stories or series often involving erotic events, his most popular being Furonity Academy.

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