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Shanda Fantasy Arts

Shanda Fantasy Arts is an Arkansas-based comic publishing company that was founded by Mike and Carole Curtis. It first published the annual Giant Shanda Animal in 1996 and took over publication of Mike Curtis' Shanda The Panda in 1999.

As of June 2008, Shanda Fantasy Arts offered all their comics exclusively through web site orders, or through selected comic shops, due in part to increased profitability requirements from Diamond.


Shanda Fantasy Arts did not originally intend to produce furry comics. Mike Curtis had worked for Harvey Comics on Richie Rich, and the Harvey family started a new imprint called Lorne Harvey to reprint titles that they had not sold off, such as Sad Sack and The Black Cat. The Harveys also wanted to move onto new material with Spy Spook and Lady Wish. No longer retaining any creative staff, they turned to Mike to produce the material.

Terrie Smith was slated to do art on Lady Wish, a comic about a fairy who granted wishes and was assisted by the Three Wishes. Spy Spook was to feature a deceased detective with art by Mike Sagara and Michele Light. Lorne Harvey never proceeded with the project, but the foundation was laid for Shanda Fantasy Arts.

Shanda Fantasy Arts focuses on anthropomorphic or furry comics. Their titles are printed in black and white, and are typically 40 pages in length. According to their submission guidelines, material involving only humans or non-furry themes are not considered for publication.

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