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Shale Ari (born June 11, 1981) is a male furry who lives in San Jose, California. His main fursona is a blonde-haired Melanistic (darkening of body tissue) Sinai leopard (Panthera pardus jarvisi),[1] but he also has a dragon fursona (Drakari) and a panther/dragon hybrid fursona (Onyx). [2]

Shale is a writer with several stories on Yiffstar, Y!Gallery and Fur Affinity. Until around 2007, Shale was the organizer of the LAFF Chicago-area monthly bowling furmeet.

Shale is involved in the video games industry, both by hobby and by profession.

He lived in Elmhurst, Illinois, U.S.A. He moved to San Jose at the end of November 2011.[3]


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