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Current fursona

Shadowpelt, also known as Toxsickbat or Spottedwisker, is a furry artist from California, U.S.A, who previously represented herself as a brightly colored blue and green peacock-wolf mix, and now switches between a malamute and a bat.


To the left, is Shadowpelt's, to the right is Zeriara's Unterbedd.

Throughout much of her online history, there have been numerous accounts of Shadowpelt eyeballing and tracing off of other artists and popular cartoons, and passing it off as her own work.[1] The biggest known controversy was when she was caught copying artwork of Seux, an opossum, and Unterbedd, a monster character, both created by Zeriara.

Zeriara's character Seux (left) was copied by Shadowpelt (right)

When the issue was addressed through the Fur Affinity Forums,[2] Shadowpelt's copied images were removed. However, it wasn't long before Shadowpelt had commissioned Zeriara to draw a Tyranian Lupe, a creature from Neopets. Once the finished product was presented to Shadowpelt, it was not long a trace of the image was posted, with Shadowpelt admitting that she had copied from the original.

However, proper credit was not given, with Shadowpelt claiming the original was drawn by "someone else, but she couldn't say who". Zeriara soon commented, demanding that the image be removed. Shadowpelt complied and removed the traced image. [3]


Overlays of commissions by Shadowpelt, over Subeta and Neopets official artwork.

Shadowpelt was eventually reported to the Subeta staff for tracing images from the site, and selling them for actual money. As this is against the rules, and a violation of copyright, the staff at Subeta banned Shadowpelt from the site.

In 2007 she posted on her deviantART account Spottedwisker journal:

I'm not really Spottedwisker.... well I am. See, I am actually shadowpelt

Now don't freak out. The only reason I did this is cause of my subeta account. See, a long ass time ago (around 3 years) I created a subeta account on the name Shadowpelt. But not to long later I was frozen for art theft (which I didn't do). After I was cleared from the subeta data, I created a new account under the name Spottedwisker[4]


When her tracing was brought to the attention of the admin of Fur Affinity, the images were deleted, and she was warned not to upload traced pictures to the website. [5]


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