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Shadowfox, also known as Shadowfox8588, Eightbitfox, ShikiKit, and KitStar (real name Justin Smith[1], born July 5, 1988[2]), is a fursuiter[3] who lives in Tioga, Texas, U.S.A.[4]

Justin Smith.

Shadowfox has muscular dystrophy and receives Social Security payments as a result. He also works full time at sonic. And works with odd hobbys such as music.


He has parties in his apartment.

He enjoys meeting local furries, clubbing, photgraphy, and fursuiting.

Fandom involment[edit]

Attended Furry Fiesta 09' 10' 11'

During Furry Fiesta 11' Shadowfox hosted a very big room party


Shadowfox's fursona is a 6'5" Red Fox with green eyes and white spots over them, with red-orange coloration and scent.[5] His fore-paws and body are anthropomorphic, while his rear paws are feral. He has a partial fursuit of this character.[6]


Shadowfox owns a fox suit partial. Pictures below. (The following pictures was taken by shadowfox and the person in suit on the pic is a friend of his). Shadowfox also has a secondary character, Kit, who is a 5'9" pink Fennec Fox.[5] Both his characters have blue hair.

Shadow leting a friend borrow suit


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