Shadow of the Father

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Shadow of the Father
Shadow of the Father cover.jpg

Author Kyell Gold
Cover Artist Sara Palmer
Country United States
Language English
Genre(s) Fiction
Publisher Sofawolf Press
Release Date January 22, 2010
Media Type Print (Softcover)
Pages 314
ISBN 978-0-9819883-4-4

Shadow of the Father is an anthropomorphic novel by Kyell Gold, published by Sofawolf Press and first released at Further Confusion 2010. The cover art is by Sara Palmer.[1]

The novel won two of the 2010 Ursa Major Awards - Best Anthropomorphic Novel and Best Anthropomorphic Published Illustration (for the cover art).

Shadow of the Father is also available for download in Kindle format from[2]


Yilon is a young fox noble who's just come of age, in the city of Divalia. Apart from his best friend and sometime lover Sinch, a mouse, he doesn't like much about living there and wants to leave the city. One day, a stranger arrives with a message that the Lord of Dewanne has died and appointed Yilon his heir, in a city where foxes rule, and mice are relegated to menial jobs and a slum outside the main city. Yilon hatches a plan to get sent home, but soon finds that even in a backwards town, there are complicated politics, ancient blood feuds, and family betrayals, with at least two different groups trying to kill him, and the foxes who might help him are the very ones he's done his best to alienate.


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