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ShadowTxHorse pic by Jessie T. Wolf.

ShadowTxHorse is a 6' 7" tall, long haired, eccentric individual with a warped sense of humor who resides in Arlington, Texas. He is Amerindian Shamanistic by religion. He became a furry in December of 2003, attending Anthrocon 2004, then Furry Weekend Atlanta/FWA 2005-2010, RCFM 2005-2007, MFM 2005 & 2010, MFF 2007. His musical interests are new age music, 80's (especially long hair bands) and some trance. Currently, he works for a county government agency in the IT field, and has been employed there since around 1997.

Shadow's birthday is April 1st, appropriately enough. His zodiac sign is Aries with Aries rising, and he was born in a year of the fire horse. The horse is his totem animal, and he aspires to some of the higher qualities of horse, such as the horse's ability to carry heavy burdens for others, its loyalty to allies, and its characteristics of being hardworking, courageous, strong, and agile.


He previously played EverQuest for five years; his character Satyron was a level 63 Vah Shir Shaman on the Lanys T'Vyl server, with a GM in Alchemy. Also owned characters named Astyrion, Staryion, and Starchaser. His guilds included Quellar Argith, Vengeance Resurrected, and Protectors of the Innocent.

Shadow can also be found playing Guild Wars as Satyron Cloudwalker. He is in World of Warcraft on the Bonechewer server as Satyron, a level 80 Tauren shaman; as well as World of Warcraft on the Aggramar server as Satyron, a level 80 Draenei shaman. On Aggramar, he is the leader of the guild Seekers of Truth, a guild comprised of over 300 people from all over the world, who share a common belief in honor.

In Second Life, he is known as Shadow Garden, a 6' 7" brown anthro horse, with a white blaze on his muzzle. He is reddish brown in color, with a long wavy mane that blows in the wind as he runs.

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