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Shade's fursona in an avatar form. Commisioned by Steelyphil

Shade-Da-Wolf, also known as Rawlin Brooks, is a fifteen year-old grey wolf furry of East Indian-American descent, living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Fandom involvement[edit]

As a youngster, Shade was naturally drawn to anthropomorphic television shows, such as Little Bear, Franklin, and Swat Kats. Not being able to put a finger on it, his intrest died, only to be ressurected after watching a Youtube video of Skroy. Much research followed, including the infamous CSI episode and 1000 Ways to Die. In late 2009, Shade declared himself a furry.

He joined Furry Teens in February 2011, and made close friends with some fellow furs. He is working on his first two novels, the first to be published by TeenPub Press, and the second by SofaWolf Press.


Shade is a 5'10" Grey Wolf, and commonly dresses in dark colors, most notable in his trademark black fedora, jacket, and jeans.

Real Life[edit]

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On many places on the internet, Shade is more commonly known by his "Rawlin Brooks" pen name. He often responds to questions about his nationality and race by brightly responding, "I'm just an over-tanned American".

He also enjoys impersonating his family and friends, and practices rap rock with his friends.

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