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Barley, a fursuit built by Seylyn

Seylyn (born November 6)[1] is an artist, performer and avid costumer located in Alberta, Canada.[2]


As a child, Seylyn was drawn to animals and "animal people", with her favorites being werewolves and shapeshifters.[2] Her earlier art featured many fantasy elements, and was later more heavily influenced by Eastern comic styles.

Seylyn has been involved in the furry fandom since 2005.[2] After being approached by a fur at an anime convention, she joined the local mailing list and from there become more involved in the fandom. She is co-owner and head designer at Fluff-Buddies, an accessory boutique catered to the fandom.


Seylyn attended Rainfurrest 2013 and VancouFur 2014.[3] In 2015, she was the main guest of honor at VancouFur 2015.[2]


Seylyn has built several fursuits, including:


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