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Sevet's Fursona

Sevet Wovern (born May 26, 1988), mostly referred to as Sevet, Sevvy or Sev, is the fursona and alias of a gryphon residing in the Puget Sound region of Washington, and has been in the furry fandom since 2002.

Since 2009, Sevet has been a part of RainFurrest staff, taking on lead positions at the convention, including the Volunteers and Operations departments. Sevet has also been a moderator on several furry chat sites and Furnet IRC channels.

Finding furry[edit]

During the earlier years, Sevet had found an interest with roleplaying at the age of 10, which involved anthropomorphic, fantasy, and mostly wolven characters. This included RP on various different sites with many different kinds of characters. Some of those sites frequented included MSN Chats, Yahoo Chats, and Furcadia.

Along with the roleplay, a keen interest for anthropomorphic art found on places such as DeviantArt, SheezyArt, VCL and Yerf sparked more curiosity. This is where Sevet had found the furry fandom, and soon would be finding furries who enjoyed the art and roleplay on a local-basis.

Fursona, persona and characters[edit]

Sevet is the main fursona and alias of a female gryphon. She is regarded as the exact portrayal of her creator in digital and fantasy terms. The exact species combination used for the gryphon are crow, hawk and lion. This is what gives her feathers the glossy, black color and traditional lion tail. However, the markings on her crest, ears, wings, and tail tuft are an iridescent blue color. The markings on her wings resemble similarity to that of a red-tailed hawk. Sevet is inspired by the character Skandranon in Mercedes Lackey's series called the Mage Wars.

Sevet's character, Rooster

The person behind Sevet is generally seen at several local meets within the Seattle area throughout the year. She is an MtF transgender individual with aspirations to find the physical appearance that matches her feminine mind and psyche. Her career is a professional cook, with hobbies that include video gaming, hiking, and playing musical instruments.

Other characters[edit]

A female wolf / rooster hybrid. She is portrayed mostly as a quadruped, but can be seen as a bipedal creature as well.

Divot An androgynous, bipedal, drunken city crow with an apatite for booze and not caring about society.

Ayla A female fursuit character in the making as of October 2012.

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