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Severus Bellua Leo, art by Iaido.

Severus Bellua Leo is a writer, game developer, graphic designer and texture artist from the United States. His fursona is a lion. He lived in Japan for eight years, and was heavily active in the kemono scene, designing doujinshi covers for major artists.[1]


Bellua was responsible for planning, producing, designing, coordinating, translating and publishing BiG, the first Japanese dojinshi to feature all-Western furry artists.[2]

He designed Kitty Loves Monster's final t-shirt before the company folded.

On his Fur Affinity page, he offers NSFW costume mods for the PlayStation Vita version of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.

As of July, 2017 he owned every item of official Disney-produced Clawhauser merchandise produced in the world.[2]

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