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Seth The Fennec, previously known as supernovaOwO, is a fursuiter, furry artist and musician who lives in Quilpué, Chile. He is the founder of the musical project, Digital Fennec.

His hobbies include listening to music, playing video games, composing songs, and going for walks.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Seth joined the furry fandom in 2014, although he started his activity in 2016 by creating his fursona, and manufacturing a fursuit in 2017.


Seth created his fursona, a femboy fennec fox, with the help of Raymond, a digital artist. His coloring is light blue, with white fur in his torso, snout, paws and the tip of the tail, and black ears from outside and white inside them. His eyes are green. His clothes consist of black Converse shoes, dark blue tight pants, and a black t-shirt with a synthwave design. He is extrovert, but a bit shy with people who he doesn't know.


Seth started manufacturing his fursuit in March 2017 and finished it on August 19, 2017, where he debuted it at FanValpo, an anime expo in Valparaíso, Chile. Until today, he still owns that fursuit, and has taken pictures with it in various places (parks, anime expos, etc.). He went known when he made a viral video of himself in his school, the video has generated a small controversy in the American furry fandom and divided opinions, because he carries a weapon in the school. Referring to the shootings to schools in the United States. Although anyway, it has been viral in a few weeks in Latin America

His girlfriend also has a fursuit, so there are many pictures in which she also appears with him.

Personal blog[edit]

He created his Fur Affinity blog in October 2017, which he later changed in March 2019. He opened his YouTube channel in March 30th, 2019 and uploaded his first video in that same day. In July 6th, 2019, his YouTube channel reached 100 suscribers.

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