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Servadile, also know as Serva, is a pansexual artist, writer and learning musician who lives in the Bay Area, California. She composes Gabber music style for the website of Hybrid Hardkore under the name of Gabb3r Gat0r. Known as SalWaterServal on Fur Affinity, and STEAMRAVE on DeviantART.

Non-anthro Fursona[edit]


Servadile is a serval and crocodile hybrid with green stripes on her back. She has green eyes, one of which has a lightning bolt for a pupil (left eye) since she see static electricity from it. She has unique markings on her neck to form a smiley face as well as a little dipper constellation on her left thigh only. Her tail is thick and powerful. It is striped black and white with a big poof on the end. Servadile's species name is Dyliafelius. A unique characteristic of a Dyliafelius is the jaw. The jaw of Servadile is wiggly which helps her to catch fish. She lives in swampy areas. She is covered in light brown fur which is waterproof and is long in the areas of her neck and stomach. Her hair is spiked in a messy mohawk and tipped with bright green. She often wears silver goggles with Xs in the middle of them. She wears a black collar with glowing green studs and a glowstick at the end. Everything green on her body changes color based on her mood. The colors are as follows:

  • Green ➜ Happy/Neutral (Fur color normal)
  • Pink ➜ Aroused/Flirty (Fur color normal)
  • Bluish Gray ➜ Sad/ Depressed (Fur color blue/gray color)
  • Dark Red ➜ Sadistic/Psychotic (Fur color dark gray or normal)
  • White ➜ Scared (Fur color lightens)

Anthro Fursona[edit]

Her main outfit consists of a white tank top with either a black lightning bolt, "Chemical X", or three stars on the shirt (all black). She has black rave pants with star cutouts on the knees. She also has two bullet belts around her (from each shoulder), but instead they are filled with glowsticks. Those glowsticks also change color for her mood. (See colors above). She doesn't wear shoes.

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