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Common Sergal and Northern Sergal race comparison in latest official setting. left is common, right is Northern.
Very early sergal, it kept rabbit-like appearance in comparison with current thing.

Sergal (サーガル "Sāgaru"), is a fictional alien species created by Mick39. They are belonging to the group of "Eltus race(Sergal, Nevrean, and Agudner)" from Vilous universe that is a science-fantasy world by Mick.


A Sergal is a race of shark-like headed people from the world of Vilous universe. They are native to planet Eltus, but they are living in planet Tal for now. People often make the mistake of calling them hybrids, but they are not - they are a species in their own right and not a combination of other animals. They borrow anatomy traits from existing feral Earth creatures, however. They have been described as having canine, avian, raptor, glires(rabbit and mouse), and shark physical attributes. Especially, rabbit was mentioned as true animal that sergals were based on.[1]


Sergal head diagrams
Original Sergal concept (General Rain)
General Rain with armor

Sergals are predominantly biologically similar to mammals. Their noses are slim and pointy, as of the nose of a shark. They have rodent-like finger, kangaroo's feet, and noticeable raised breastbone which is apt to be mistaken for a lump of fluffy fur in center of their chest[2]. People often draw their ears as same as cat, wolf, or fox. But they are like Pikachu or Umbreon, don't have clearly earholes on the outward appearance. Strictly speaking, their earholes are always turning to rear. And being completely covered by long fur make their earholes that are not able to be seen from side.

A Sergal may live between 60 and 80 years of age, but The average lifespan of most Sergals is currently 20 - 30 years due to the constant warring between their two subspecies. The average height of a Sergal ranges from about 6 feet to 6.4 feet tall [3], though this average has shown to be increasing over the past several generations.

Notice: The "Early New Age Canon" introduced back around 2009 by Mick, was largely temporary and experimental (it included changes such as female Sergals having breasts, a feathery rear, Northern Sergal's ears are extremely short, etc.) As those "major features of the new Sergal" permeated, before very long some of those characteristics were discarded in the latest version of the setting. Because of this, a confusing situation arose. This entry describes the information based on the New Age Canon and is the latest version at present. about this in detail, read the Vilous official wiki's page.

While Sergals are technically omnivorous creatures, the average individual's basic diet will typically consist of of small animals and fish. In Trancy Mick's "Old Age Canon"'s novella writings, they have also shown cannibalistic traits by Rain Silves, a whole of sergals have often been misunderstood as monstrously bestial race in the internet due to this. But should keep in mind that this is uncommon behavior of Sergals, and confine to Rain Silves and her vassals peculiarly.

A Sergal's coat may be any range of colors with various styles of markings.

Chromatic limitation of the irises are a simple gray or blue. However, there is at least one known case of mutation resulting in color changes, such as General Rain Silves' gold irises.

The female Sergal also possesses a prehensile clitoral hood that covers their vulva. This hood has been described to "look like a tongue," and has been shown to be capable of grasping and manipulating objects, as well as entering the vagina, possibly to protect it.


There are racial difference by region, Northern, Sothern, Eastern, and Western. (Everything will be written at next section.)

These groups have civilization of their own, but the world war was caused by General Rain, it continued for a long time. Specifically, the Shigu clan which a General Rain leads planned conquest of a whole of Tal. Militant Sergals wear metal or ceramic armor(mainly Southern is metal, Eastern and Northern is ceramic. In addition, Eastern and Northern also use bone armor) and usually favor polearms, and are capable of great feats thanks to their strong, wiry limbs with much denser muscles than humans, more akin to a chimpanzee's muscles.

Unlike Earth's human, they generally don't stick to one partner, and don't have antipathy or aversion to homosexuals.[4]

Sergals also share their home with a number of other species such as the Agudners peculiarly, who are a sapient even-toed ungulates-like species. There are the fact still remains to be known, Sergals are basically close to Agudners and have very long history and relations with them, primarily Eastern Sergals and Southern Sergals. People often consider all of them live with Nevreans who are sapient feathered dinosaur-like species and are known second to Sergals, but it is limited at regions; Specifically, most of Sergals didn't know Nevreans until some Nevreans emigrated to the southern city such as Gold Ring, because Nevrean's national seclusion-like exclusive homeland is located in the west have maintained only Nevreans for a long time. Meanwhile Western Sergals who are a few member and sub-species of Northen Sergals, lived in northwest, had relationship with such native Nevreans. But Western Sergals were almost destroyed by General Rain, and all alliances of Nevreans and Western Sergals is completely lost.



Northern Sergals primarily live in the northern regions of Tal in primitive and not urbanized areas near the forest, mainly Astna Plains. They have longest history and are most true to the original Sergal concepts.

They have long, fluffy cold colors usually with white abdomens, somewhat short ears, thick face.

They lived with tribal lifestyle and spirituality, animistic belief system for a long time, due to their cowardly and deeply religious nature. Also this nature include easily influenced mind, therefore they were controlled completely by General Rain.

After domination by General Rain, their lifestyle totally changed and most of them became combatants who are faithful to Rain.


Southern Sergals primarily live in the southern regions of Tal in rural areas, small towns, and Tal's greatest city of Gold Ring which was built next to the great Colvilous lake of southern Tal. A large majority live in the Gold Ring.

Their appearance differs greatly from their northern counterparts. Southern Sergals are generally shorter, have less thick fur and are slimmer. The primary fur colors are "brown, beige, blonde, and orange" for southern Sergals in the canon. They are smaller than their Northern relatives.

Southern Sergals also consider themselves to be much more civilized and cultured than northern Sergals. They value knowledge greatly. and they live with other, specifically Agudners for a long time, and share their home, jobs, and culture with Agudners. Fashion is popular with Southerns, and because of this they like to dye their fur bright colors. Southern women unlike northerns also have their own style of clothing, as they have some gender differences.


Eastern Sergals are mixed of Northern Sergals and Southern Sergals, are very a lot member, and primarily live in Middle-east to South of Tal.

They have long, fluffy thick fur like Northern Sergals, and mainly deep colors like mixed colors; such as black, deep-gray, deep-brown, and deep-green. And their build is biggest among all of Sergals due to heterosis. Their ears are shortest, and have thickest face.

They share their culture with Southern Sergals, specifically civilized and cultured sociality by relationship with Agudners. Therefore fashion like fur dyeing is popular among them, too. However they are some rustic in comparison with Southern. Also they have very superior hunting technique, there are many great hunters in them.


Western Sergals are subspecies of Northern Sergals, are a few member, and lived in Northwest of Tal.

Their appearances is similar to Northern Sergals, have slender body, intermediate cold colors fur such as green-blue and purple mainly.

They share their culture with Native Nevreans, specifically strict and clean culture with music, poem, and dance. They value beauty and arts greatly. There are many poets in them.

They had maintained harmonical civilization of their small own, but they were almost destroyed by General Rain due to possessive Rain's lust for beautiful things, and all history of them is completely lost. Very few survivors took refuge to Gold Ring, a southern land.


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