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Common Sergal and Northern Sergal race comparison in latest official setting. left is common, right is Northern.
Original Sergal concept (General Rain)
General Rain with armor
Arcturas Callahan refrence picture

Sergal (サーガル "Sāgaru"), is a fictional species created by Trancy Mick. A Sergal is a creature native to the planet Tal (惑星タル "Wakusei Taru") in the world of Vilous (ビロウス "Birousu"). People often make the mistake of calling them hybrids, but they are not - they are a species in their own right and not a combination of other animals.

They borrow anatomy traits from existing feral Earth creatures, however. They have been described as having canine, avian, raptor, and shark physical attributes.


Sergals are predominantly biologically similar to mammals. A Sergal may live between 60 and 80 years of age, but The average lifespan of most Sergals is currently 20 - 30 years due to the constant warring between their two subspecies. The average height of a Sergal ranges from about 6 feet to 6.4 feet tall [1], though this average has shown to be increasing over the past several generations.

Notice: The "Early New Age Canon" introduced back around 2009 by Mick, was largely temporary and experimental (it included changes such as female Sergals having breasts, a feathery rear, Northern Sergal's ears are extremely short, etc.) As those "major features of the new Sergal" permeated, before very long some of those characteristics were discarded in the latest version of the setting. Because of this, a confusing situation arose. This entry describes the information based on the New Age Canon and is the latest version at present. about this in detail, read the Vilous official wiki's page.

While Sergals are technically omnivorous creatures, the average individual's basic diet will typically consist of of small animals and fish. In Trancy Mick's original novella writings, they have also shown cannibalistic traits.

A Sergal's coat may be any range of colors with various styles of markings.

Chromatic limitation of the irises are a simple gray or blue. However, there is at least one known case of mutation resulting in color changes, such as General Rain Silves' gold irises.

The female Sergal also possesses a prehensile clitoral hood that covers their vulva. This hood has been described to "look like a tongue," and has been shown to be capable of grasping and manipulating objects, as well as entering the vagina, possibly to protect it.


There are two subspecies of Sergal, Southern and Northern. Northern sergals that live in the Astna Plains, have long, fluffy cold colors usually with white abdomens, somewhat short ears, thick face.

Southern sergals live in the Gold Ring city and are scattered around the outskirts in rural areas and small towns, and have short, brown or yellow (or other "earthy" colors) fur, long ears, and a long, thin face. They are smaller than their Northern relatives.

These groups have been at war for a long time. Militant Sergals wear metal or leather armor and usually favor polearms, and are capable of great feats thanks to their strong, wiry limbs with much denser muscles than humans, more akin to a chimpanzee's muscles. Their noses are slim and pointy, as of the nose of a shark.

Sergals also share their home with a number of other species such as Nevreans, who are a sapient bird-like species, the Agunder and the Talyxians.

Known Species[edit]


General Rain heads the northern group of sergals. Her golden eyes are a mutation, subjecting her to much discrimination in her childhood. She is seven feet tall, which is much taller than the average sergal.

Rain's mother once tried to kill her and left scars on her neck. She is known for her combat prowess. She appears abnormally coldhearted, especially toward those of the opposing Reono clan, though much friendlier towards the children of her own clan and some of her companions. She has also been known to eat the children of other rival clans.

Her clansmen are extremely loyal, but they all hold a general fear of her. When she meets with subordinates, they salute her by covering their left eye with their hands. This shows both fear and obedience to their leader.

In The Red Chapter[clarify] she travels with the mysterious human boy Lucien Calcatto, her adoptive Talyxian (a feline-like race) father Zyn Crotzwell, and her sergal generals.



More commonly known as Ash Sergals, are from an island to the south called Alz'Nadar which translates to land of black snow. It's covered in suit from a volcano that houses their false god which is a demon named Ashmail. Ashmail is a large dragon consisting of tentacles. All Ashvalians are white, gray, or silver in fur color. Ashvalians are somewhat reclusive, as they stay on their island and are defended by it's ash from the volcano. The ash is poisonous to most other races, but they have built up an immunity of it. They do travel off the island to raid or trade with other nations.

Originally created by a group of sergals who called themselves, The Council of Mages. The council thought themselves as gods, and to guard the island they fashioned a demon. The council was originally charged with making sure the demon, Ashmail, stayed dormant. However, as the council became corrupted with power in time, the god Ashmail was released onto the island. The demon, Ashmail, is just one of 7 demons based off the 7 sins. Ashmail is considered the demon of lust, though it likes destruction. After being released, the demon Ashmail found an Ashvalian known as Torn and possessed him. Afterwards Torn's fur changed colors to red and black, and the society recognized Torn, now called Arcturas Callahan, as the new leader instead of the council.

The males have horns that grow behind the ears that curl and both genders have feathered wings that fold into their backs when not in use. Their bones are extremely durable yet also flexible. Typical life is up to 5000 years old, but none have reached that age due to their lust for violence. Therefore due to the amount of ash found on the island, males were able to fashion glass weapons which are very durable. These weapons are found in several trade agreements as it is very valuable to other nations military.


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