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Seraph, also known as Nephilia, is a Canadian artist who draws anthropomorphic and fantasy characters.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Seraph but does not consider herself a furry, in the typical sense, as her involvement in the fandom does not extend outside of the internet and art; and because she likes to distance herself from some of the aspects of the fandom that she considers undesirable.

Though she had once been a prolific artist within the furry community, Seraph developed carpal tunnel syndrome which severely hindered her ability to create new artwork for a few years. While this is now under control, her productivity is still nowhere near what it was before developing CTS.

She also wrote and illustrated the now defunct webcomic Dramatic Paws.


Seraph's own fantasy persona, also named 'Seraph', is a chubby human woman with angel's wings and minor lion features, such as ears and a tail.

The name 'Nephilia' actually refers to her gallery, but the moniker has become associated with the artist through tagging use.


Seraph's artistic style changes frequently, but tends to remain minimalist and semi-realistic, often with a gothic look. She has been influenced by such fantasy artists as Brian Froud and H. R. Giger, as well as underground comic book artists like Gilbert Shelton, Robert Crumb, and Art Spiegelman.

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