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Senor Crouch, also known as Senor or just Sen (real name Brandon Morales;[1] born November 18, 1989),[2] is a furry artist who lives in Whittier, California, USA. Senor is an aspiring technical game artist.


His fursona is a male Frost Fox[3] named Cyrus Crouch. Cyrus is an Aquatic Mage, who majors in ice and minors in water. He is a highly curious creature and often times that hunger for knowledge and understanding gets him in trouble. Although wise of the mind, he has a heart of a child.

Cyrus actually began life without a first name. He was known simply as Crouch, based off Senor's last name.

Due to notable differences between the physical attributes of his fursona in Second Life as compared to in IMVU, Senor has stated:

Senor Crouch
These two renditions of Cyrus aren't exactly the same, rather I have decided to split them up into two individual characters both heralding from the same original fursona. A bloodline if you will.
Senor Crouch


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