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'Selkit Diller' Of SecondLife
Selkit, better known as Selkit Diller on Second Life, is FurNation's head builder on FurNation Worlds. Also known in the fandom as Selkit Grayfox, he is one of the Barbarian Furs, a group of fursuiters known for dressing in suits of armor.

Selkit helped co-found the FurNation Worlds project alongside Nexxus Ambassador, Rackett Ambassador, Cobalt Neutra, Inferniel Solvang and others. His original role was as master builder for the FurNation sims, producing structures ranging from the Luxor to the FurNation bath-house. He also performed major terraforming work to the land to help fit structural arrangements into Nexxus Ambassador's original plans. Selkit's building skills raised $L25,000 (about US$83) in a July 2006 FurNation Tail Sale, and $L15,000 in the previous one.[1]

In 2007, Selkit changed his preferred avatar to a ferret.


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Selkit has raised more funding than expected, as since this was posted Selkit has raised more than L$200,000 ( over $800 US ) from private projects.