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Sebastian Thurtide (born April 11, 1994),[1] also known as Lord of Flaming Roses, is a furry artist and roleplayer who lived in Palmdale, California, USA, then Woodsfield, Ohio, currently[when?] moving around.[2] His fursona was formerly a Sea Otter then a were-otter (a crossbreed of werewolf and sea otter) and finally a shape shifting Sea Otter with that species being the base default form. His first known fursona was a badger, back when he frequented the Redwall fan sites that likely helped introduce him to the Furry Fandom.


Following the 2016 mass-shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, Sebastian made a post on Twitter, claiming that a furry named Kodakoda Coyote had died in the massacre.[3] After the veracity of the claim was called into doubt,[4] Sebastian deleted his entire Twitter account.


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