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Emi's Fursona, Chiba Onaga

SeaGr33nOwl (also known as SeaGreenOwl, real name Emi Munoz) is a female artist and fursuiter from the United States.

SeaGr33nOwl began her career as an aspiring artist in 2011, signing up on DeviantArt. She started drawing quadruped animals, but later found an interest in anthropomorphic animals. From 2013 to 2015, her entire portfolio was made up entirely of bipedal, anthropomorphic animals. Inspired by her extreme love for the 2011 indie-eroge game Monster Girl Quest, she transitioned from anthropomorphic to half-human over the course of 2014 to 2015. By 2016, her gallery was comprised of almost entirely half-human animals.

She left Fur Affinity in late 2015, to start a career on DeviantArt, where her blooming style would gain more popularity.


Emi was born in New Jersey on January 28th at an disclosed location and time. At the age of 3, her family of only two parents packed up and left for Kansas City, Missouri for a shot at an easier childhood as this was where her cousins and aunt lived. Throughout her childhood, she was always a bit different. She struggled with anger issues, and was taken out of class fairly regularly due to disruptions. She has always had a fascination with anthropomorphic animals, drawing them as young as 6, fueled by her love for the now abandoned Disney turn-based MMORPG Toontown Online, in which you play as a colorful cartoon animal of your choice. Later in life, she discovered furry art, leading as a gateway into the furry fandom. In early 2012, she created a Deviantart account under the name "Missingnochu" to draw her characters. The account was later changed to "Seagreenowl" in 2013, and finally "Seagr33nowl" when switched accounts. From 2012 - 2013, she struggled with critical thoughts of suicide and death. After multiple suicidal attempts, she was sent to a hospital for behavioral anomalies, which resulted in trauma and dramatic change of behavior, hardly producing any art from 2013 - mid 2015. As of 2016, she has returned to drawing, and tends to have a more quiet-friendly personality type when talking to art consumers and people over her Deviantart.


Chiba Onaga Fursuit

Over the course of her hobby, SeaGr33nOwl has had multiple characters, but they never stuck around for long. As of April, 2016, her fursona is Chiba Onaga, a sixteen-year-old Shiba Inu. Chiba is a sarcastic and spunky teenager, but is very quiet most of the time and is only comfortable with people she knows extremely well.

Chiba Onaga was created in early 2014, under the name "Diamond Doge" (named after the diamond-shaped patterns on the back of her ears) as a character who appeared as a background character in art featuring her now retired-character "Yuka Agami". Noticing the striking resemblance to the name Yukiko Amagi from the RPG game Persona 4, she renamed Diamond Doge "Chible Satosprinkles" in response as a joke. She latched onto the character, and gave her a new design (changing her breed from a Husky to a Shiba Inu, and adding features that made her look more like herself) and changed her name to "Chiba Onaga". This is a pun on Chiba-Shi, a city in Japan, explaining why one of her nicknames was "ChibaShiba".

In 2015, a fursuit was made for her by Husky Rage Creations. While she is not drawn as much by her artist anymore, as of 2017 she has been replaced by other characters as the representing image of SeaGr33nOwl.

Monster Girl Hunter[edit]

Promotional Art for Monster Girl Hunter, featuring Kechi-Chan, the Kecha Wacha Girl.

SeaGr33nOwl's most well-known project is Monster Girl Hunter, a crossover of Monmusu (shortened version of Monsuta Musume, or Monster Girl when translating from Japanese into English) and Capcom's Monster Hunter video game franchise. The project's goal is to take every single monster from the Monster Hunter franchise, and turn it into a half-human, half-monster hybrid. This project has gained her a small fanbase.

The project is advertised as "a mix between monster hunter and cute anime girls".

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