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Scribbles is a Fennec character that tends to lurk in various MUCKs: FurryMUCK, FluffMUCK, SPR, FurToonia, and most recently Furscape). He was originally a Cat, but during Feburary 2006, became a Fox, and by early March, a Fennec. His species is Fennec on all the MUCKs he is on except FurToonia, where he is speciesless, and Furscape where he is listed as a "Recom Fennek" and is a fluff.

Scribbles has a M1 on all of the MUCKs he is on other then FurToonia. His Furscape character lives in Fennek Cave in a desert on Wildplanet, but most of Scribbles' time is spent in park areas in MUCKs.

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