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The Schweizer Stammtisch (Swiss Roundtable) is a furmeet which occurs on the first Saturday of each full week of the month in the bars and pubs of Oerlikon in Zürich, Switzerland.


The event was founded in March 2006 by Blue_Panther, naut and Luxen. 14 furs attended the first instance, which was a larger turnout than expected. It has since been held every month. During 2006, the average turnout was about 15, while in 2007 this increased to regularly exceed 20. The organizer remains Luxen, although Nautilus has temporarily taken over on occasions.

Many Swiss furry fans first met up with other fans at the Stammtisch, and it has been visited by numerous furs from outside Switzerland, especially from Germany.

The first part of the evening was historically held in The Paragon, a cafe/brasserie which was considered the "home" of the Swiss furry fandom. Advantages included its ample space, good burgers, high-quality beer, and its location directly opposite the railway station. The Paragon closed in September 2007, and was replaced in the schedule by the Porta D'Oro Bar Meet, a small bar furnished with sofas. In 2008, roundtable activities focused on the S.ips Pub, which is designed with a traditional English ambiance.

In 2009, the furmeet has moved back into the location formerly used by The Paragon. Under new management it is now called New York Food Company and caters pizza as well as a variety of subway-style sandwiches. In contrast to the S.ips pub, the new location was non smoking and less crowded. Attendance has profited from the move. It reached 32 furs in July 2009.

After a few years New York Food Company went out of business. Shortly afterwards the roundtable found its new home at the "Binzgarten". A much larger restaurant only a few minutes away from the previous location. Binzgarten serves a broad variety of dishes, focused on Italian and Turkish cuisine. In the years to come, the meet grew a lot in size. Reaching its peak in 2018 with almost 100 attendees.

Media Coverage[edit]

The well-known swiss newspaper "NZZ" [1] (Neue Zürcher Zeitung / New Zurich Newspaper) published in late 2016 a coverage on the cultural aspects of various roundtables across the country, including the swiss furry roundtable.


Since the third Stammtisch, the following house rules have applied to the event:

  • No cameras
  • No laptops
  • No dogs, and
  • No eating food or drink brought to the event

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