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Schooling for Chus is a yiffy Harry Potter-style series consisting of Pokemon and, in the more recent chapters, other anthropomorphic animals. The series is written by Littilwood Avindar.

In the series, Pikachu and his friends discover they have hidden magical abilities, and are sent off to AGNPH, a school of wizardry designed to hone their skills in the magical arts, although they seem to be practicing much more than that at an-all boys school. While attending school, Pikachu discovers that an evil sorcerer named Darkchu is after a Mystical book that will allow him access to unspeakable magic, both good and evil, only his intentions are quite clear. The book is found to have been divided into three parts (The Book of Mind, the book of Body, and the Book of Spirit), each containing their own category of spells. When brought together, the books can be recombined, in turn, reactivating the hidden ancient magic within, as well as a whole new variety of spells, many of which even the most powerful sorcerers on earth couldn't dream of mastering. Upon being divided, each book was magically hidden and sent to a random person chosen to be it's keeper, a special person capable of using their particular book or any of the remaining few in the collection.

As the series progresses, Pikachu discovers who the three keepers are: Rune, a copper wolf, is an older sorcerer who is discovered to hold (and know how to use) one of the books. Pikachu himself holds a book, and of course, the evil Dark Chu carries and uses the third book quite masterfully.

In the series, Pikachu must learn to use not only his own magical powers, but also those that are hidden deep within the pages the three ancient spell-books. He must use these abilities to defend himself and protect his book, and hopefully find a way to obtain all three books and defeat Darkchu once and for all.

The author has considered discontinuing the current series, and doing an entire rewrite, as he feels, "It's more or less someone else's work, but with my own furry twist. As a writer, that isn't what I want in a series. Though I've received very few negative reviews for the reason of 'it being a knockoff smut version of Rowling's famous Harry Potter series,' I want it to be my own style, and something that people will remember me by."

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