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School Days is a webcomic created by Krezz Karavan, which chronicles he life of Edward and Edna Foxx, two foxes, after they move to the fictional city of Pouncefield, and enroll at the St. Lovejoy School. The comic is drawn by Karavan, colored by BBMBBF and written by Harry McLeut, and is one of two comics by Karavan hosted on Palcomix, the other being The 5th Phase.

School Days mixes cartoon-based comedy with explicit sexual content. It has been the subject of controversy due to its content, which has been amplified by the undetermined ages of the characters. Karavan has completed four chapters, as of November, 2012. Karavan has also produced special artwork unrelated to the main storyline, including two Halloween comics. The comic has been translated by fans into English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Russian and Swedish.


School Days has been the subject of multiple controversies due to its content. When Karavan initially started drawing, some criticized his art, claiming his characters as "cub"; Karavan later stated that he doesn't understand or recognize the terminology, and cannot differentiate between "cub" or "grown-up" characters.[1] In 2007, Karavan posted a Halloween comic titled Revenge Is A Body Best Served Cold, which contained graphic depiction of evisceration, necrophilia and species transformation. The following year, Karavan removed the comic from his website and Fur Affinity, making it only available to registered members of the Palcomix message board. Since the Palcomix forum collapsed and later was replaced by a Facebook account, Karavan moved the comic back to his website.


Edward Fox and his younger sister, Edna, begin their first day at the St. Lovejoy school. Edward meets the sexually promiscuous Pokeinfo, his girlfriend Cynthia, the bully Rodriguez and Laura, a squirrel girl who is captain of the cheerleading squad. Laura performs fellatio on Edward before showing him around the school. Edward falls in love with a mysterious girl in the nurse's office. While attending gym class, run by a strange teacher, Mrs. Trousers, and her cruel and rude chipmunk assistant, Lucy, Edward loses his clothes in front of the class. Edna performs oral sex on Edward as he sleeps, and he wins a fight with Rodriguez the next morning. Edna becomes the goalie for the girls' soccer team after she has sex with Cynthia. After a disappointing first day, Eward promises Edna a surprise to cheer her up. She dreams that the surprise is him having sex with her.


The surprising fact is, that soon after the first versions of School Days appeart, a fandom began to build around Edna Fox. Some artists made fanbased pictures of her and she even appears in fan made comics, which are also to find at the Palcomix website. Many wish that more pages would appear at a regular basis, but enjoying actually the wait might happen next.

Where to find more[edit]

Karavan has latly opened an account at, where registered users can see the recent works of Karavan. One of them is a comic involving Pokeinfo drinking a potion that raises his allready very high libido.


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