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Schnookums fursona.
Ness, an albino ferret gifted to him by Meepsheep.

Schnookums, also known as Interstellar Shipping & Trading Co.‎ (born in Texas, USA), is a furry fan in his 30's.


Schnookums is a vegetarian, an atheist, a ferret lover, and tends to align himself with the conservative politics of Texas.[clarify]

He enjoys whiskey, country music and playing World of Warcraft.

He's an editor on the furry wiki, WikiFur (as Interstellar Shipping & Trading Co.‎), and a former administrator on the satire site Encyclopedia Dramatica.[1]

In the spirit of the mock nature of Encyclopedia Dramatica, Schnookums parodies himself as a "self-hating furry" and a "neutral observer" to ED's routine drama.


His weasel fursona, Schnookums, is based off the character Šizo (pronounced "shee-zoh") from the 1990 Croatian animated film, The Magician's Hat. A few artists from deviantART have created fan art of his fursona.[2]


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