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Scarlett Evelyn is the fursona of Tara Sinka. Scarlett Evelyn is a Felupine.

Felupine is a fictional species. Although it is commonly mistaken as a hybrid, it is now known as a seperate species. The hybrid-crossing of wolves and cats is not necessarily uncommon, but the felupine is the legitimate species name. Native to many vast regions - ranging in places such as the woodlands&mountains of North America, the felupine takes traits from both the wolf and cat alike.


A felupine is a feral animal, and is classified as a mammal - meaning they have warm blood. A felupine can generally live around 20 years, they generally are about fox-sized, and can weigh in around 90 pounds. A felupine's coat can come in a various range of eye colours, coat colours and extra pelt markings.

Felupines are known as carnivores. They are solitary animals, but have been known to travel in small groups over vast distances. This allows them to hunt a variety of creatures - from mice, to rabbits, to caribou.

The felupine has a feline face, chest/torso, and forepaws. But as it flows out into the back legs and tail, it gets the wolf-ish outlook.

Known Felupines[edit]

Scarlett Evelyn, the first known felupine.

Scarlett Evelyn was created by a girl named Tara Sinka - and is now her current fursona in 2012. Beforehand, the idea of a wolf { Tes }, cat { Rockpath }, or winged wolf { Dusk } fursona had reeled. But in 2012, she combined the wolf, cat, and took out the winged wolf and created the first known felupine.

Scarlett is a felupine who holds the job of an executioner who specializes in torture. She travels vast ares to take on such related jobs, and is not able to stay in one place for long because her work is not necessarily appreciated by all. Scarlett has black fur, and smooth bangs that cover her left eye completely. Her eyes are violet in colour, and she has two piercings on her right ear and a leather band wrapped thrice 'round her left forepaw. Scarlett is also a lesbian.

When speaking in Warrior Cat terms, her warrioress name is known as Rockpath.